How to begin solving the Copernisis

The following is not instructions on how to solve the copernisis, but just small hints and tips to help you get started.

The Copernisis has 5 rotating rings; each ring represents a celestial body in our solar system. There are two sets of chambers needed to be opened: the equation and the key chambers.

Within the Copernisis is a special equation locked away that needs to be opened. Solve this locked chamber first. The equation chamber has 2 moveable objects inside that need to be aligned together by jiggling the puzzle, try the thumb groove frequently to see if you have succeeded. In order to solve the Copernisis and release the key chamber and key within, calculate the number of clicks required for each ring. Hints to the equation definitions can be found within the manual with more clues and information found on the Copernisis website.

Begin by solving the equation definitions and connecting these with properties for selected celestial bodies. Use the Copernisis website for hints on which celestial bodies might be the correct bodies connected with the puzzle. Having solved the equation and calculated the ring positions solve which ring is associated with which celestial body and then move the rings to the desired number of clicks.

If the correct number of clicks per ring is calculated correctly then the key chamber will soon move freely. Orientate the puzzle with the key chamber positioned in time to the planet number that is no longer, and gently tap the puzzle downwards. The final twist to the puzzle is which key slot is correct for the key chamber to pass through, if you have it wrong, you may need to start all over again, so it might be worth checking which key slot is the right one before you start.

Good Luck.
The Sonic Games Team. UK