Online Game

Congratulations on solving your Copernisis and welcome to the star Map game.

When you click the button you will be transported at the speed of light to the isisadventure Star Map game (you will need to register before you can play).

Star Map Game

The Star Map game involves choosing a planet or the sun and then solving the 10 digit code either hidden within the star map or from a combination of star map and a clue that allows you work out the solution. There are five levels from easy to extreme difficulty with various time limits depending on difficulty of star map. The harder the star Map the more time. You can only play the star map game once, there are NO repeat options to have another attempt at the same star map or a different star map, so choose carefully and watch the time. You must ensure that you enter the 10 digit code within the time limit within the star map game that you have chosen. Only 5 attempts at the code is allowed during the time limit for the star map you have chosen.